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We are the incubator of the BETTER WORLD AGORA project, led by Khoa Nguyen, whose mission is thus formulated : Let’s build together a better, peaceful and happy world.

We strive to make this widespread idea and haunting dream a daily reality with tangible and visible results.
Expanding the initial vision and increasing the project teams’ ability to execute requires regular iterations, so that the collective intelligence of motivated teams translates into effective actions in the field.

The main activity of the project is to inform the world’s citizens about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted in September 2015 by 193 countries (

The achievement of the 17 Objectives by 2030 requires the full support and general mobilization of civil society in each country. The expected progress on the 169 targets, backed by 244 quantitative or qualitative indicators, is in the hands of all citizens ; they are not the concern of governments and local communities alone.

It is crucial that local and global leaders, actors of change and social entrepreneurs are set in motion without further delay in order to deploy as quickly as possible and on a large scale the technological and social innovations already validated by successful experiments everywhere around the world.

This ambitious and audacious international project starts in France in 2018. It is a long-term project, even if actions must be implemented quickly. To speed up and secure the implementation of local and global action plans, the training of project leaders is essential. Without empowered and experienced project leaders who are implementing their project 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all decisions and actions will be postponed to later dates, or even postponed indefinitely.

To give us the best chances to carry out large-scale initiatives with large scale impacts, we are constantly looking for :

1. The leverage effect : already in ancient times, Archimedes had understood and mastered all the possibilities of the lever : "Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world".

2. The domino effect : by analogy to the sequential drop of a row of dominoes, a minor change will happen again nearby, causing another similar change, and so on until the desired major result is achieved.

If after careful reflection you recognize in yourself a vocation to innovate and transform the world, then you will be welcome at BETTER WORLD AGORA.

Please write to Khoa Nguyen,

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