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Deciding with relevance and acting with efficiency

Since the beginning of the century, the economy has been changing at breakneck speed due to advances in scientific and technological inventions. In terms of computing power and speed, the superiority of machines over human beings is already irreversible. But while globalization is disrupting all aspects of life on Earth, we remain hesitant and inactive, because we are no longer able to assess the consequences of our choices, based on incomplete information and cognitive biases.

We are thus seeing the development of new and exclusively material ways of thinking in which humans and machines build the world together, without the outside intervention of a single god or innumerable gods, in the total separation of mind and matter.

As a consequence, two old assertions reappear, encouraging us to take the easy way of not thinking by ourselves.

The first one claim one’s ego : "I know everything better than anyone else, I do as I please, regardless of the consequences for myself and others."

The second one is the abdication of free will : "This world is cruel, I want to return to my mother’s womb, the welfare state and my community must take care of me and solve my material problems."

Obviously, navigating a course between these two pitfalls is a difficult task that demands a constant vigilance.To cultivate discernment, lucidity and insight, we must relentlessly acquire new knowledge, live original experiences and develop new skills. Such are the efforts to be made in order to solve the problems and meet the personal and global challenges.

Our fundamental belief is based on the recognition that every human being is unique and that his life is singular. There is consequently no set patterns to copy paste.

To acquire the strategist’s vision and the tactician’s ability to execute, we need to draw on the most relevant examples and adapt to the circumstances in the most appropriate way, applying letting go, patience, openness, trust in self, self-esteem and agility.

"There’s no time but the right time" : we must respond in a timely way, grasp the real opportunities that arise in our lives, and abandon false good ideas.

Our vocation is to bring together people who share the same universal human values, the same altruistic conviction and the same optimistic vision of the future, to prepare ourselves for common responsibilities, to walk together and to build together a better, peaceful and happy world, where all human beings will enjoy freedom in peace and security. This is the meaning of all our present and future initiatives and efforts.

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