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Delivering now


With the state of emergency of 2015, France, Europe and the world are more than ever confronted with the major political, economic, societal and environmental challenges of the 21st century.

The page of the 20th century has definitely been turned, the world we have known exists only in our memories and we must create a new world together to live everyday in freedom, peace and security.

We have rights and also duties, both to humanity, towards nature and towards future generations.

To fully assume the societal responsibility we must respond to the moral and ethical requirements and cultivate the sense of sharing and solidarity.

Pierre Rabhi has told the legend of the little hummingbird that can not single-handedly put out the fire in the forest : "the hummingbird knows this only too well, but he does his part. "

Just as the hummingbird, with our capabilities but also our limitations, we do our part of the work and we help build a better world.

We do our best to solve the big problems, with creativity and innovation, in our pursuit of excellence and a state-of-the art.

To succeed and cross the finish lines one after the other, we always aim for major effects by rigorously applying the three principles : freedom of action, concentration of efforts and optimal use of resources.

Our activities are part of the triptych research - practice - teaching :

- Advise : We help companies and their teams accelerate and secure their projects.
- Training : We train collaborators in creativity, innovation, leadership and teamwork.
- Facilitation : We facilitate seminars on strategic vision and decision making.

Innovation and Competitiveness of companies

An Arab proverb reminds us of three things you can’t take back :

1. A spent arrow
2. A lost opportunity
3. A spoken word

Three aspects characterize the opportunities that have not been seen, caught, or turned into success :

1. Not having passed into action,
2. motionless and powerless,
3. from a lack of will.

In the fiercely competitive smartphone market, Nokia and Blackberry wrongly disregarded the launching of the Apple iPhone in 2007 and the Samsung Galaxy in 2009.

Similarly, Kodak, the global leader in film photography missed the big international expansion of digital photography.

This is why in our work to help companies develop their innovation and competitiveness we always insist on the following state of mind :

1. Our teams are open-minded and receive strong intuitions. 2. They see opportunities and seize them immediately. 3. They pursue initiatives all the way to the end in order to reach the final success.

An opportunity to find creative solutions and deliver results

1. Developing self-confidence, self-esteem and agility of players
2. Share the vision, coordinate actions, mobilize players
3. Aim for collective performance and lasting excellence


Creativity, Innovation, Competitiveness

It is the creations and innovations that boost the competitiveness of businesses. To achieve this, companies need team members who learn, train and prepare themselves to :

- See the reality with new eyes
- Go above and beyond industry standards
- Solve, case-by-case, the new and unprecedented problems on the field.


Reactivity, Leadership, Teamwork

"Alone we go faster, but together we go further" says the African proverb. It is therefore not only the individuals that need to be prepared and trained, but teams that are united, consolidated, gathered and grouped around leaders who have acquired good reflexes :

- Take the teams or the organization to success, thus crossing the finish lines one after the other
- Aiming for intermediate objectives and make every effort to reach them
- Perform perfectly to the end by mastering the smallest details.

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