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Training program for Creativity in Movement and Creative Leadership


Faced with the shocks, challenges and pressures, organizations need men and women who do not cling to habits, do not fall into doubt, and do not brandish skepticism as a standard.

In the economy of knowledge, success lies in the ability of women and men of good will to develop innovative projects from A to Z.

The talents, the desire, passion and motivation exist and must be recognized ; this way opportunities can be transformed into major successes.

It is the inventions and innovations that strengthen the competitiveness of businesses. Facing the biggest challenges always means aiming higher and farther.


Our seminars aim to develop reactivity, leadership and teamwork in companies in order to ensure the collective performance and the lasting excellence of businesses.

We are committed to transferring the skills necessary to work and succeed as a team. The five main disciplines are :

5. Leadership
4. Reactivity
3. Competitiveness
2. Innovation
1. Creativity


Crossing finish lines one after the other

The finish line can be called "major effect".
It is crossed by applying three key principles : "freedom of action, concentration of effort and optimal use of resources."


Our learning program on the fundamentals offers participants to live through tangible experiences, clarify them and decode them in relation to their specific implementation.

Seminar "Creative Professionals" - 3 days

Conscious of their identity, their place and their role, Creative Professionals demonstrate an unbendable optimism. With this inner strength they help transform the world. They learn to :

- Discover new solutions to new complex problems
- Work together as a team
- Seize the best opportunities and act efficiently.

Detailed program

Seminar "Creative Innovators" - 3 days

The Creative Innovators seize the keys of breakthrough innovation and incremental innovation that are necessary to succeed :

- Go above and beyond market standards
- Integrate the greatest desirability and greater profitability to the technological feasibility
- Continue to improve again and again.

Detailed program

Seminar "Creative Leaders" - 3 days

Able to take immediate initiatives and to include them in a long-term vision, Creative Leaders gather their teams around projects with exciting progress. They train to :

- Align the action with the strategy decided by their N + 1 and their N + 2
- Facilitate the development and market launching of successful innovations
- Prepare united teams to face the most acute crises without delay.

Detailed program

Seminar "Action and Results" - 1 day

A final closing day before taking action. Exchanging and sharing experiences of group participants.

Number of participants

The number of participants can vary from 8 people for the "standard" seminars up to 24 people for "High value" seminars.

Custom-made co-construction

The management of the project by an ad hoc committee and the step by step co-construction makes it possible to efficiently concentrate and channel energies.

Co-creation aims to build custom-made and hand-sewn seminars.

Teaching method

Our seminars are conducted according to the type of facilitation of interactions and interpersonal communication.

They are opportunities to address professional issues of participants in a participatory manner, by alternating individual work, work in subgroups and plenary restitution.

These are special moments of observation, listening, openness, intuition and Eureka, in order to respond well and act well when there are changes.

Duration of the program

10 days spread over 10 months

The participants

The course is designed for executives, managers, project teams, corporate employees.


A team of consultants, coaches, trainers and facilitators specializing in creativity and leadership.

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