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Sharing the vision and crossing finish lines, one after the other


Faced by competitors in the market, Creative Innovators respond with creativity, agility and endurance.

Ready to face the greatest challenges, stable amidst turbulences, confident in the future, they accumulate the 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration dear to Thomas Edison.

They know that successes are the fruits of actions that meet user needs and solve their problems.


The Creative Innovators seminar allows participants to seize the keys for breakthrough innovation and incremental innovation needed to succeed :

- Go above and beyond industry standards
- Integrate the greatest desirability and greater profitability to technological feasibility
- Continue to improve.

Creative Innovators innovate on a daily basis and contribute in advance to the competitiveness of their businesses.

To innovate they observe, listen and understand the market, in order to do differently and better than leaders.


Breakthrough innovation and serendipity

Serendipity is when luck smiles and knocks on the door. It is the discovery, by accident and with sagacity, of a solution that one was not looking for. To achieve a breakthrough innovation and act with serendipity, innovators are trained to :

- Seizing opportunities and turn them into tangible results
- Rush to the finish line
- Avoid the traps of trivialisation, mutilation and reduction.

Create new growth drivers

How to avoid stagnation and decline after a great success ? The creative innovators aim higher and farther than market standards and create new growth drivers :

- Jean-Claude Biver : "To be the first, Unique and Different"
- Taking the first step to move from the possible to the probable, the certain and the accomplished
- Integrate breakthrough and incremental innovations.

Provide added value

To innovate is to integrate greater desirability and greater profitability to technological feasibility. It is also :

- Having the determination to follow through
- Gathering all players in collective actions : R & D, design, marketing, sales
- Creating new connections.

Work in an agile and strong team

"Alone, we go faster. Together, we go further. "Says the African proverb. Innovation is therefore working in agile and strong teams. For this it is necessary to :

- Communicate confidence and passion to create new synergies
- Coordinate actions in the right timing
- Motivate and engage best actors.

Iterations and the mastery of details

Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft are big and quick successes. Others need more time. However all know that it is necessary to grope around, make mistakes and iterations and as Edison said, add to the "1% of inspiration a 99% of perspiration." Improving continuously requires to :

- Cultivate agility and continually improve to master the details
- Develop courage to dare to leave the routine and indecision
- Strengthen one’s legitimacy with remarkable successes.

Lasting excellence

Building a lasting capacity for innovation reuquires us to wake up every morning with a fresh look and new eyes. The basis on which such a process is possible is by :

- Building lasting partnerships with market leaders
- Following and listening to mentors
- Giving meaning to collective action.


3 days

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