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To solve problems and meet challenges, companies and organizations need project teams capable of making decisions and leading actions to success.

Our programs aim to develop creativity, innovation, leadership and teamwork among leaders, managers, project teams, collaborators, change agents and social entrepreneurs to achieve collective performance and a sustainable growth of companies.

Participants build self-confidence, agility, and the ability to execute in order to take on new responsibilities.


Our training courses call on the dual capacity of participants to learn and grow. They will be able to enrich their knowledge, skills and feedback, thanks to collective intelligence and cooperation.

On an individual level, the Creativity in Motion course allows participants to :

  1. Live experiences and increase skills

  2. Set ambitious goals

  3. Breaking boundaries

At the collective level, the Collective Genius course will allow participants to work and succeed together, and to perfect their skills in the 6 disciplines :

  1. Creativity

  2. Innovation

  3. Responsiveness

  4. Competitiveness

  5. Leadership

  6. Team work

A path of success : 10 seminars of 3 days


Our conviction is that multidisciplinary teams can bring together stakeholders in the field, achieve collective performance and build lasting excellence.

Participants will form agile and solid quartets. They will be able to support and act effectively from the first day of their return to their businesses and organizations.


  •  Managers and project teams, change agents, social entrepreneurs.

  •  In particular for design-thinking : R&D services, design and operational marketing

  •  Consultants, trainers, coaches and facilitators.


A network of consultants, coaches, trainers and facilitators specializing in creativity, innovation, leadership and teamwork.


To adapt to the change, the participants open up, take a new look at themselves, the world and life. They will thus be able to welcome dazzling inspirations and Eureka.

Customized co-construction

The participants will work directly on their needs, their problems and their challenges, except if these subjects must remain secret and confidential.
Steering the project by an ad hoc committee, co-constructing the content of the seminars makes it possible to effectively gather energies.

An innovative pedagogy

The pedagogy meets the needs of companies and organizations to solve new problems and meet the biggest challenges : united and connected teams that build up in the service of a common ambition.

The facilitated participation will allow participants to experience moments of listening, observation, interaction, openness, intuition and Eureka.


1. Seminar "Creativity in motion"

Aware of their identity, their place and their role, the participants develop an unbendable optimism :

  • Find new solutions to new problems

  • Working together as a team

  • Seize opportunities and turn them into success.

2. Seminar "Action produces results"

Indecision leads nowhere, participants realize that only action produces results and they practice to :

  • Absorb the shock of the crisis and stay one step ahead

  • Untangle the knots or slice them straight.

  • Advance and persevere until the finish lines.

3. "Creative Leaders" Seminar

Participants practice in sharing their visions and building cohesion within their teams :

  • Align the action with the strategy adopted by their companies

  • Accelerate the development and marketing of innovative products and services

  • Keep the teams united and connected, against the risks of disunity and disbelief.

4. Seminar "Make different and better"

The participants appropriate the keys to disruptive innovation and incremental innovation, which are necessary to invent new growth drivers :

  • Exceed market standards

  • Integrate the greatest desirability and the greatest profitability into technological feasibility

  • Continue to improve again and again.

5. Seminar « Education and technology »

Participants put education and technology at the service of driving change :

  • Break out of isolation and adapt to new constraints

  • Mobilize other actors ready to contribute to progress

  • Transmit knowledge and skills to prepare the next generation.

6. Seminar “Toruk Makto of the Avatar Movie”

The participants seek to mobilize the other stakeholders in order to produce major effects and achieve exploits :

  • Build authenticity, legitimacy and credibility

  • To calm violent conflicts

  • Motivate visionary strategists and experienced tacticians.

7. Seminar "Fruitful action-oriented seminars"

The participants share their visions with the other stakeholders in order to reach together the ambitious goals :

  • Promote awareness

  • Illuminate dark spots to dispel fears, doubts and confusion

  • Overcome internal blockages and external limitations.

8. Seminar "Transforming reality"

Participants will transform reality with strength and courage by developing their ability to :

  • Take risks, face resistance and seize opportunities

  • Distinguish the essential from the accessory

  • Integrate passionate and motivated multidisciplinary expertise to increase collective execution capacity.

9. Seminar "O.VISION Inside"

Participants help others give the best of themselves, take risks and assume their responsibilities :

  • Change your mindset and believe in what you are doing

  • Identify blockages and limitations, decide quickly and act immediately

  • Use creativity and serendipity.

10. Seminar "Action and Results"

The final closing seminar is a time to exchange and share experiences between the participants who will continue to act and produce concrete results.

Leadership and teamwork: Nouveautés


Leadership and teamwork: Citation
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