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Our team

Our Core Team

Khoa Nguyen, Alain Lemal and Eric Langevin draw on a constellation of 90 professionals : associated directors and consultants, coaches and trainers.

The associates

Baldeh-Loras Alexandra
Bronner Françoise - (site)
Chuche Ghislaine
Clerc Jean-Michel
Dubeaux Vincent
Eloise Dominique
Fournier Jean-Paul - (site)
Guillaume Anne
Langevin Eric
Langevin Ricarda - (site)
Langevin Sophie
Lefur Régine - (site)
Lemal Alain
Lémery Hélène - (site)
Martinsky Pascal
Medouga-Ndjikessi Marie-Pierre - (site)
Miquel Frédéric
Nguyen Khoa
Patrux Michel
Thubé Frédéric
Thubé Geneviève
Vandenabeele Jean-François

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