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Collective Agility

Why do some companies displaying a rather average performance, suddenly take off to join the frontrunners ? What differentiates them from their competitors ?

For five years, Jim Collins and his team of researchers have tackled this broad issue to unveil the secret of conversion to excellence. From 1435 companies studied, eleven outstanding companies were compared to their competitors.

The book Good to Great, From Performance to Excellence, highlights their specific features, particularly in relation to the leadership of their leaders where five levels of leadership are differentiated.

We design and offer seminars :

- Creativity in Movement for collaborators : Level 1
- Creative Leadership for members of project teams : levels 2-5.


Creativity - Innovation - Competitiveness -
Reactivity - Leadership - Teamwork

The program offers nine seminars in three years, with three three-day seminars per year.
The synthesis of the program lies in the nine posters of O.VISION.

Acquiring the six skills
1. Creativity in motion
2. Doing different and better
3. Creative leadership and teamwork

Development of the six skills
4. O.VISION Inside
5. Transforming reality
6. Toruk Makto of the movie Avatar

Perfection of the six skills
7. Education and Technology
8. Fertile action-oriented seminars
9. The action produces results

An opportunity to find creative solutions and deliver results

1. Develop self-confidence, self-esteem and agility of players
2. Share the vision, coordinate actions, mobilize players
3. Aim for collective performance and lasting excellence.

Crossing finish lines one after the other

The finish line can be called "major effect".
It is crossed by applying three key principles : "freedom of action, concentration of efforts and optimal use of resources."

Design : Audrey Guizol et Cyrille Cerceau | Copyright : O.VISION Consultants
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