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Firmly deciding within 48 hours and effectively acting from the third day


In a context of European and global crisis, companies defend their positioning and their market shares in their respective sectors.

Their capacity for innovation and competitiveness is mainly based on the ability of their team members to be agile, generous in their efforts and capable of taking their achievements to the end.

Conscious of their identity, their place and their role, Creative Professionals demonstrate an unbendable optimism. With this inner strength they help transform the world of tomorrow.


Creativity in Motion seminars are key skill transfers for managers, project teams and highly qualified professionals :

- Discover new solutions to complex and unprecedented problems
- Seize the best opportunities and act effectively
- Work together as a team.

Lucid and determined, they are willing to work hard, that is to say, to provide intense and repeated efforts to overcome obstacles.

Calm and in openess, they grasp insights to make better decisions and act with desire, passion and motivation.

Full of self-confidence and self-esteem, they know how to recognize and respect others, and in reciprocity, to be recognized and respected.



Making iterations and accumulating many successes allows one to develop self-confidence.

- Put things into perspective in order to address major challenges in an uncertain environment
- Learn, practice, prepare, be in the right position and come to appointments
- Solving new problems, overcoming obstacles and blockages, crossing finish lines.

Self esteem

Good self-esteem is necessary to face the greatest challenges. Proud of their identity, creative professionals develope their professionalism and sense of responsibility. They can then :

- Take a new look with new eyes on themselves, on others and on the world
- Cultivate talents and skills and develop mastery
- Empower the result.


Flexible and strong, agile people solve problems on the spot and seize opportunities. To develop open-mindedness and the ability of taking initiatives, they train to :

- Deepen their ability to take good decisions
- Connect logical analysis and intuition to consider various possible scenarios
- Acquire deciphering-codes to overcome fears and doubts.

Taste for action

Success depends on the ability to get out of passivity, inertia and resistance to change. Being energetic in the effort depends on the ability to :

- Act with desire, passion and motivation
- Clarify one’s identity, place and mission / role for effective action
- Communicate projects with clarity and pride.

Culture of success

Good archers shoot arrows in order to reach the center of the target. Similarly, to achieve outstanding results, creative professionals are preparing themselves to :

- Changing inappropriate behaviors and acquire new reflexes
- Raise the bar always higher
- Collaborate with others.

Team work

To succeed as a team, creative professionals stay in their place, interact with other team members, and effectively contribute to the collective success. They train to :

- Provide a know-how, experiences, new ideas
- Recognize and respect others, and be recognized and respected by others in reciprocity
- Achieve collective performance.


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