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Tracing the routes of societal progress


In the knowledge economy, success is based on reactivity, leadership and teamwork.

Always keeping in mind the ultimate goal, clearly seeing and seizing opportunities, executing the action plan to the end are the skills of leaders.

Capable of taking immediate steps in a long-term vision, leaders motivate and mobilize their teams around ambitious projects.

- Their action is aligned with the strategy decided by their N + 1 and N + 2
- They support the development and market placement of major innovations
- They lead their teams through the perfect execution of the action plan.


The seminar Creative Leaders allows participants to acquire the procedures adapted for :

- Being reactive and seizing opportunities
- Exercising leadership and resolving crises
- Working as a team to meet together the biggest challenges.

Their personal humility and professional ambition allow them to build a lasting excellence.


Shared vision

Creative leaders share their vision of goals and objectives in an explicit and clarified manner. To lead teams to success, leaders know how to :

- Visualize the path and head straight for the objective
- See themselves crossing the finish line as victorious
- Take that difficult first step, and all of the following ones.

Authority and autonomy

Because actors are united, leaders can show authority while delegating autonomy. They manage to :

- Implement leadership through action
- Live through moments of truth
- Assume their full responsibility.

Decision making

Leaders take two kinds of decisions : immediate tactical and long-term strategic. In preparation, they have a clear vision of the goal and objectives and the way to reach them together. They possess the ability to :

- Ask the right questions in order to get the right answers
- When faced with a crisis, going beyond the conventional and usual thought patterns
- Be ready in the right place at the right time to seize the best opportunities.

Operative and social cohesion

The operative and social cohesion consists in mobilizing teams and coordinating their actions. For this leaders are prepared to :

- Evaluate, compare, select and recruit the best possible players
- Create the right chemistry in teams whose members recognize and respect each other
- Delegate and make do.

Overall coherence

Remarkable successes are the result of a collective work in line with the company strategy. The leaders and their teams perfectly execute the action plans all the way to the end and thus transform them into reality. To develop this overall coherence, they know how to :

- Align the vision with the strategy decided by their N + 1 and N + 2
- Create space to deploy
- Always raise the bar higher and higher.

Collective performance

To achieve the collective performance, leaders must :

- Understand and apply the model of Leader Level 5 of Jim Collins : personal humility and professional ambition
- "Connect the Dots" as recommended by Steve Jobs in his speech at Stanford
- Transforming reality through patient, intense and repeated efforts.


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